Sunday, 22 January 2012

Week 4 - weigh in

Monday - Interval bike, weight training. Calorie intake within limits
Tuesday - Walked to the shop and broken down, no gym, Calorie intake low
Wednesday - No exercise, Calorie intake within limits
Thursday -  Walked around gym as it's public holiday - calorie intake high
Friday - Interval bike, 5k row, weight training. calorie intake high
Saturday - No exercise - calorie intake within limits.
Sunday - Weight training, interval training on cross trainer, calorie intake low

Fourth weigh in

Current Weight - 82kg  --- 81kg --- 79.9kg ---78.6kg --- 75.8kg
Waist - 96.5cm --- 95cm --- 92cm --- 91cm --- 89cm
Hips - 110.5cm --- 108.5cm --- 104cm --- 103cm ---103cm
Chest 97.5cm (above the point measuring my boobs I don't want them to lose weight LOL) --- 95cm --- 95cm --- 93.5 --- 92.5cm
Thigh - 63.5cm --- 62cm --- 60.5cm --- 59cm ---56cm
Upper arm - 33cm --- 32cm --- 30.5cm --- 30cm ---29cm

First Goal


How I'm going to get there

Counting calories at Calorie King.

Drop portion size by eating off a bread and butter plate.


24 hour fast once a week (or as close to 24 hour)

Cardio workouts at the gym...getting my program tomorrow
Next weigh in

Monday 6 Feb

What I hope to be



I lost a ridiculous amount of weight this week so I think I did something wrong.  Last week, I was weighing myself all the time and getting depressed.  This week I promised to not weigh myself all the time....and I did that.....mostly....up until about Saturday when I stupidly weighed myself again and found that I had actually gained.  I paniced thinking that on today's weigh in I would be the same as last week.  So me and the hubby bought some fat blasting type tablets....based on caffeine.  They're meant to boost your metabolism so with diet and exercise it's meant to aid in weight loss.

Well the doses were pretty high, you're meant to take 3 of each of these tablets twice a day.  So I took two on Sat afternoon and it made me feel a little more energetic.  GREAT!  That's what I need right?  Make me do more during the day, make my exercise more vigorous - awesome!

So sunday I decided to take the full dose of that's 6 tabs.  Then I went to the gym and smashed myself.  On the way home from the gym I started feeling really morning sickness really...just blurrgh!  I didn't know if it were the tabs (the guy at the shop said system may take some getting used to) or because I smashed myself.  But I felt sick for a while, took a protein shake....not long after that I felt better!  Yesterday was also my fast day but I decided to take a couple of protein shakes because I was working out on a day when I should be resting.  All good!

Then it was time to take more tabs.  Well I thought that maybe they made me feel sick so I decided to only take 2 and not bother about the other ones.  But again....I felt pretty rotten and started shaking and feeling like I really needed to eat.  So I took another protein shake while I was cooking tea....but I just kept feeling awful.  Got tea done and ate it, which made me feel a bit better.  Weighed myself before I went to bed and I was 76 point something kg....Holy crap!  Then went to bed.

Meanwhile, becuase these things are based on caffeine they are meant to be diaretics so I made sure I kept drinking water throughout so I didn't dehydrate.

So this morning I wake up very jittery, like I was starving and had very low blood sugar.  I feel weak....not myself.  Now I'm 75.8kg...which is a significant amount of weight loss in a week and I'm thinking that perhaps it's not sustainable.  It's probably mostly fluid (even though I was replacing it...but was I drinking enough?).  So I've decided to keep my weekly goal at 76, which it would have been anyway....just in case I gain.  I half expect to gain.

Today I've decided not to take anything at all.  Give my body a break.  But I think I might limit the tablets (both of them) to ONE but only just before a other time, and see if that makes a difference with how I feel.

I have to weight in for the 1 million kilo challenge today and I'm thinking I'll put 77kg for the time being....because I think 75.8 is inaccurate and based on my stupidity! LOL  That way, if I'm 76 by next monday or even 75kg then I know it's sustainable.

I won't weigh myself this week until weigh in day LOL  I promise!!!


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