Thursday, 2 June 2011

Word of the Day??


Nope not going to do it anymore as it is boring!  And nobody reads them anyway.  I can't remember half the words so it's not like I've learned anything.

So let's just put that down to a failed experiment shall we?

Irresponsible Cat Owners.

That's us!  Yes we're the ones you hate!

It all started when we were lied to.  My sister in law was moving to Chinchilla.  It was a very quick move with not much time to organise things.  She had and beautiful black older kitten that she needed to get rid of, so we took her in.  At the time we had two cats.  Aaron's parents cat, Missy, who was a real bitch but we loved her anyway.  Kept to herself, didn't bother anyone.  And a fluffy white male cat name Frosty who we loved dearly but decided to adopt the people across the road as his owners so really not our cat anymore. (He still liked to visit though). Both desexed.

Anyway, we took on this kitten and was told that yes she was desexed and all was good.  We named her Cleo and she turned out to be a beautiful cat with a really nice nature. 

So my best friend's cat had kittens and we decided to take on 2 of her kittens a tabby we called Gorgeous and a tortoiseshell we called Malady.  All was good until the very next day I was looking at Cleo thinking that she was getting mighty fat!  Like she's fat...around the tummy area.

Then it hit me..."Oooooh God!  She's freakin knocked up!  Hey Aaron I thought your sister said she was desexed!"  Damn that lying bitch!  We should have known, she lies all the time about everything...grrr

So now we had two little kittens and a pregnant cat.  We had Missy who wasn't around much and Frosty who didn't own us anymore (the traitor).  Yes we could have gotten her desexed anyway but the thought of killing her babies, just didn't appeal to us.  So......we let her have them!

So off she goes and has SIX kittens...yes that's SIX kittens  that we had no idea what to do with. 3 grey, 2 black and 1 black with a white stripe on his nose and white socks.  *sigh*  But they were so cute!  And no we weren't going to take them to the pound that's just we started the mammoth task at finding parents for them.

One went to one of Aaron's colleagues at work. (We've since found out that some random kicked her to death...awful!)  One went to one of Dana's friends from school who went on to have babies herself.  One went to Dana's best friend who they named Kiara and who is still much loved.  One was killed by our daughter by accident...loving it to death...literally.  One had gotten outside and was killed by our dog.  And the other one with the stripe, he was also attacked by our dog and was badly injured but pulled through and who we still have and is a much loved beautiful boy named Llstatt (Interview with a Vampire).

So after they were all weaned we went and got Cleo desexed (like good responsible cat owners) only to have some moron hit her with his car and leaving her to die!  It was devastating cos she was such a beautiful cat!

Moving day comes...and we have 3 cats to move.  Llstatt, Gorgeous and Malady.  Malady takes off on us so that left Llstatt and Gorgeous but our dog had to find another home unfortunately.  All is good and we figure that both Llstatt and Gorgeous were still too immature so planned on desexing them as soon as we had the chance.  But we were wrong!  Llstatt is now a tom and Gorgeous is one randy hussy!  Grrrrr so what happens?  You guessed it...Gorgeous gets knocked up!!!!!

Aaaaaagh!!!!!  What the freakin hell!  So now we're feeling even more like irresponsible cat owners because we let it happen - AGAIN!!!  But thankfully, Gorgeous only had 2 kittens (which is apparently normal for a first I have no idea why Cleo had 6 but anyway) so we weren't as paniced as we were the last time.  We only had to get rid of 2!  One was a beautiful black boy who looked just like Cleo did and the other was a fluffy grey.  We called the fluffy (yes original) and the black one Liquoice.  But we had no idea what we were going to do with them.  Facing the very real possibility that we may have to resort to keeping them.

So whilst waiting for Gorgeous to stop lactating so we can get her desexed....we ask anyone we can to take on the 2 kittens.  Thankfully, Dana's best friend comes to the rescue again and takes on not one but both of them because they fell in love with both!  So now they have Kiara from Cleo's litter and who is the aunt of the two little ones and they have Fluffy and Liquoice who they renamed Luca and River.

*Sigh* time to get Gorgeous desexed, you say?  Ya huh!  Excepting one thing....Gorgeous, being as how she only had 2 kittens to feed and although she had only just stopped lactating ....gets knocked up AGAIN!!!! 

Oh yes she did!!!!!

But a strange thing happens and on the 20th of May she only gave birth to one single little kitten!  Just one!  Oh thank God!!!!!  And as it happens my friend Rachel's son Damien fell in love with him and decided to keep him. 

Oh now all we have to do is get him to the eating stage and move him on and we can get Gorgeous fixed up. son...decided to love him to death...and a few days after he was born, he died.  And although it was a blessing in disguise, it was still very sad and I felt awful because he suffered quite a bit before he died and he hadn't even opened his eyes yet :(

In is the 3rd of June and I very much doubt Gorgeous is in heat yet but if she is I don't care....because she's booked in for monday to get the snip!!!!!  So monday is the day our kitten days are over.  We will never go through that again! 

And after she's done....Llstatt's next, so he best kiss his balls goodbye while he still has them!  Baahaahaaaa!

So next time you have a go at irresponsible cat owners...think of us and how our intentions were good and we didn't mean to be irresponsible but it's just the way it happened.

It all started with a lie!