Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Word of the Day #7

jamboree -  JAM-buh-ree \  , noun;

1. A carousal; any noisy merrymaking.
2. A large gathering, as of a political party or the teams of a sporting league, often including a program of speeches and entertainment.
3. A large gathering of members of the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, usually nationwide or international in scope]]

Jamboree  is an American invention, an apparent blend of jabber  and shivaree
Example - It was a real jamboree at the park today.

Shameless Plug!

After starting my own blog and my husband being impressed by it, he has decided to create his own blog!

His Blog

I'm go excited that he's going to share his adventures because he has a lot of weird and wacky stuff that happens to him and he really has to share them.

Word of warning though, some stuff may be offensive to the sensitive.  I'm not saying that to be mean, but, being the nature of the jobs he's been in, it's inevitable that there are going to be some 'gross' stuff posted.

Some of the ways in which he deals with what he sees is to make jokes about them.  So although he may seem to be insensitive, he really isn't, it's just his way of coping.  I don't think anyone has the right to begrudge him of that, being as how one of his jobs in particular, is a job that most of us would not be able to do emotionally.  This is his coping strategy and it works for him and if people don't like that, rather than judge, I would hope that they just decide to either not read....or see it for what it is.....someone merely coping.

That said - I hope that all those who read it, will enjoy his antics and his comical (and not so comical) reflections of his day to day life :)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Word of the Day #6

anneal -  uh-NEEL \  , verb;

1. To toughen or temper.
2. To heat (glass, earthenware, metals, etc.) to remove or prevent internal stress.
3. To free from internal stress by heating and gradually cooling.
4.To fuse colors onto (a vitreous or metallic surface) by heating.
Anneal  has ancient roots in the Old English root anĒ£lan , "to kindle."
Example - The recipe required that I anneal the chocolate.

Blocking people.

I frequent a parenting forum.  I am quite tolerant of certain things and I don't offend easily.  I take pride in the fact that I don't block anyone as I feel that I'm mature enough to move past any ill feeling I might have in any particular thread.

But this one person, no matter what, EVERY time she addresses me it's negative.  She disagrees with me and has no qualms in voicing it in a very condescending way.  I don't mind people disagreeing with me, but EVERYTHING???  I know there are some things that we agree on.  I've comment on her threads in a positive manner and I don't get any response whatsoever.  If I see a post of hers that I agree with or that I feel is helpful, I 'thank' her.  But never have I ever been 'thanked' by her. 

I can't help but think that she isn't mature enough to put aside any disagreement we may have in a thread and view my other posts without judging ME as a person.  I don't think she likes ME, rather than not liking some of my opinions.  I'm afraid she's taken it personally and has then decided that she doesn't think much of me at all.

Everyone else I disagree with at least TRIES to understand where I'm coming from but then doesn't seem to spread their misunderstandings onto other threads.  Sometimes they even agree with me...rarely...but they still do and they're not too proud to admit that they agree with me every now and again.  But this one person...can't even seem to do that.  I don't know why.  She's intelligent, she's educated, she seems to have vast knowledge on how humans work...but she just doesn't seem to be able to give me any grace.

And it bothers me.

It bothers me that she can't even bring herself to admit that she might agree with me occasionally.  And it bothers me that she will seem to go out of her way to make sure all know that she is in disagreement with me in certain topics, and that she can't be F'd to try to understand where I'm coming from. 

So....yes I've decided to 'block' her.  The first person I've ever blocked on that forum. 

It may not be forever, but at the moment, I feel very tired and lack in energy and meloncoly and I really can't stand her negativity right now.  It wouldn't be so bad if I had SOME positivity from her, but I don't get any and right now I can't handle that.

So off I go to block this person.  Not happy about it, but I feel that it's a necessary evil unfortunately. :(

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Word of the Day #5

mumbo jumbo - \ MUHM-boh JUHM-boh \  , noun;  <--- In case you're a moron.

1.  Senseless or pretentious language, usually designed to obscure an issue, confuse a listener, or the like.
2.  Meaningless incantation or ritual.
3.  An object of superstitious awe or reverence.
Though the popular impression is that mumbo jumbo  derives from an African language of the Niger region, this supposition is unproven, and the term's origin is uncertain.
Example - Most policians speak mumbo jumbo so as to take away from the real issues.

Thou shalt not pee on Good Friday.

Took the kids to the park today for a sausage sizzle.  Had to drive around a fair bit trying to find a park that was not overcrowded as it seems that everyone else had the same idea as well LOL.

So we're driving around trying to find a park and Cassidy (3) pipes up in the back "I really really busting mummy!!!!" and figured that the one at the Toowoomba's Tourist Information Centre would be as good a place as they have a toilet.

So we tell here to hold on while we were driving there.

Just hold on...

Hold on...won't be long, nearly there....

Finally arrive only to find out that the toilet is closed on Good Fridays.....

Ooooookay then! 

Note to self, don't be needing to go to the loo on Good Fridays...Gah!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Word of the Day #4

akimbo - \ uh-KIM-boh \  , adjective;

With hand on hip and elbow bent outward.

Akimbo  is the descendent of the Middle English kenebowe , which itself is a modification of the Old Norse i keng boginn , both meaning "bent into a crook."
Example - I was asked to stand akimbo during a game of 'Simon Says'.
I knew this one :)  Cos I smart! ;)

Happy Birthday Flynn!

2 years ago yesterday I was pregnant with my 6th and final baby and visiting in toowoomba (we lived in Brisbane at the time) and we were about to go home when I was having some pretty regular prelabour contractions and some back ache. 

Having had fast births in the past I wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to go into labour on the road home so I made a quick stop at the Toowoomba Base Hospital (where my 4th child was born) to have a quick check up.  The midwives said that all was good and that labour wasn't imminent so I was able to go home confident that I wasn't going to be stuck on the side of the road having to call an ambulance LOL.

The following day started like any other day.  Aaron just started a new job and headed off to work.  The kids went to school and I was home with Cassidy and pottering around unpacking from our trip. 

More contractions, much the same as the night before, but not painful.  They were intense though and throughout the day they began to get a bit niggly here and there.  I spent the day wondering if today was the day.  This is it!  No it's not!....yes it is!....nah...not today!  Arguing with myself the whole day as I've been fooled before.  I've always had pretty intense braxton hicks contractions that would border on the edge of pain and they would be pretty constant over the last few months of pregnancies.  I'd often think that labour wasn't far away but was wrong most of the time.

Today was no different I had 11 days to go and I figured it was much the same that I've always had, didn't bother timing them either, but when the 'niggly' pains started getting a little more intense, I started thinking that maybe this was really happening.

Unfortunately the company that my mobile was with takes it upon themselves to cut the phone off when you go over your cap limit.  So although people could call me, I could not call I decided to go next door to see if I can borrow the phone so I could give Aaron the heads up.  But....the neighbours weren't home on either side!  Far out!  Today of all days.

So I waddle back home again and decide to do a bit of washing and stuff, and I call my aunt via reverse charges and ask her to call my mum to call me.  So mum calls and I ask her to call Aaron for me.

Aaron then calls and asks if it was time....and I tell him that I wasn't sure but to be ready to come home.  He took it upon himself to come home anyway.  Mum also decides to come home too.

So I ring the hospital...and realise that after all that, my phone was NOT on a bar...LOL  And I speak to a midwife and tell her that I'm going to be on my way.  She asked me how far between contractions and I tell her I wasn't timing them.  Whilst on the phone to her I had 2 contractions which made it hard to speak and she said that they were 3 minutes apart.  Ooooookay then, I then decide that ..."gee...perhaps I am in labour!"  Duh!  *slaps head*.  The midwife suggests on calling an mbulance but I say "Nah I won't need to do that, my husband is almost finished work"

After that, the contractions get more and more intense...and then I start rethinking the ambulance idea but figure that it would be so embarrassing to call an ambulance, and besides what do I do with the other kids.  Aaron calls again and can tell that I'm in a lot more pain by then and says that he's going to call the ambulance...I then didn't hesitate and said 'ok'. 

So he comes home and he's speaking to the ambulance.  By then mum arrives and ushers the children out of the loungeroom where I was perched on the edge of the couch.  The operator tells Aaron to get me set up on the floor and to get towels and to take my undies off.  I didn't really want to do this...I didn't want to be giving birth on my loungeroom floor and I'm complaining the whole time saying 'I don't want to!!!"  LOL

The ambulance came and got me to walk out to the ambulance which was a hard feat with contractions going on...but I managed to climb up onto the back of the ambulance.  Aaron didn't travel with me because he needed to take the car there so I traveled by myself with some ambulance officer who was oh so calm about the whole thing.  Meanwhile I'm in quite a bit of pain by then and was told that my contractions were a minute apart and will only just make the hospital LOL

So we turn up at the hospital and I slide my butt over to the bed, all the while I'm sucking the morphine 'whistle' but I don't think I was doing it right by then cos I wasn't getting anything out of it.  And about 10 mintues later bub's coming out and I'm telling the midwife that he was coming and she didn't believe me (I don't know why)...then finally she realised that he was coming and told me to stop pushing so she could check the cord...and I screamed "I'm not pushing!!!" and I wasn't.  I was not pushing at all!  He was just coming out and fast!!!  I 'pushed' (but not pushed) for 3 minutes and he was out and screaming his lungs out.

All up the labour was 2 hours, which seems to be my 'average' and he was this gorgeous little slimy alien thing on my chest and I was oh so glad that it was all over!

He weighed 7lb 7oz and was perfect in every way...and after a few minutes we realised that his 'plumbing' worked too because he peed and pooped all over me LOL  Charming little man that he was!  My best friend came up to visit while I was still in the labour ward and gave me a big hug!  And yet again she told me that she had a 'feeling' that something was up with me....and called Aaron.

So today Flynn is 2 years old and is a delightful young man who loves cuddles!  And he got some blocks and some dinosaurs and a car and a ball and a wagon for his birthday, and he'll be getting a yummy cake later on today as well.

Happy Birthday little man!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Word of the Day #3

scurrilous - \ SKUR-uh-luhs \  , adjective;

1. Grossly or obscenely abusive.
2. Characterized by or using low buffoonery. <----- Baahaahaaaa ok
Scurrilous  likely traces its origin to the Etruscan language, coming into Latin as scurrilis , "fashionable city idler," and, later, "buffoon."
Example - In a scurrilous fashion, the man sidled his way out of the pub.

My Love - Sia

Thought I would share one of my favourite songs.  It's called "My Love" by Sia.  It's one of the songs on the soundtrack from "Eclipse" and it has to be up there with the songs that make you cry.  I cry with this song because it's about a lost love and it's song in such a way that it makes it very powerful.

So here it is...

My Love - Sia

My love, leave yourself behind
Beat inside me, leave you blind
My love, you have found peace
You were searching for release

You gave it all into the call
You took a chance and
You took the fall for us

You came thoughtfully
Loved me faithfully
You taught me honor
You did it for me

Tonight you will sleep for good
You will wait for me, my love

Now I am strong, you gave me all
You gave all you had
And now I am whole

My love, leave yourself behind
Beat inside me, leave you blind
My love, look what you can do
I am mending, I'll be with you

You took my hand and added a plan
You gave me your heart
I asked you to dance with me

You loved honestly
Did what you could release
Ah, ooh

I know you're pleased to go
I won't relieve this love

Now I am strong, you gave me all
You gave all you had
And now I am whole

My love, leave yourself behind
Beat inside me, I'll be with you

Sleep overs.

Rachel went out to the farm and stayed there last night to see if this 'farm life' is going to work for their family.  I hope it does and I hope they move up because it will be great to have them up here.

I was a bit disappointed that they left but I told them that it was the best way to work things out with Tony's brother as to what's going to be happening.  But Taylor, their daughter (10) didn't want to go so they decided to leave her here with my kids. 

So last night we had a movie night.  Watched the Twilight saga (again) and the girls set themselves up to sleep on the loungeroom floor. 

I remember when I was a kid, how much fun sleep overs were, how we'd stay up giggling all ours of the night. So of course, I wasn't going to begrudge the girls.

So I wake up this morning at about 8.45 or so, come out and here they all are still sleeping away.  3 little sleeping beauties without a care in the world - oh to be that care free.  And now it's 9.10 and they're still fast asleep....funny.

Maybe I should make noise!  Start banging saucepan lids together...or turn the vacuum cleaner on, vacuum around them you reckon?


I'll let them sleep, it's one of those overcast days where you just want to snuggle in and sleep the day away, something I wish I could do.  But alas I have responsibilities that await....

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Pimp my Blog!

Yeh well I've been looking for the perfect layout for my blog and do you think I could find one?

Why yes of course...baahaahaaa....tricked ya!

Yeh I've found some really cool ones but the only problem is they're simply not suitable for my blog.  For starters, this one place that I've been looking they have some really cool and different layouts but the column that you write in is too thin and I need it wider and I can't work out how to make it wider.

The other issue is sometimes the writing gets lost in all the illustrations and patterns and things
and it would just make it difficult for people to read and I don't want that.  So I'm at a loss...

What to do??

Does anyone have ideas on where to find some good templates?

Give me your links! ;)

Friday, 15 April 2011

Word of the Day #2

vociferate -  voh-SIF-uh-reyt \  , verb;

To speak or cry out loudly or noisily; shout; bawl

Vociferate  derives from the Latin combination vox , "voice," and ferre , "to bear."

Example - My kids like to vociferate whilst playing in the backyard.

(Yeh I know...lame...but I couldn't think of anything else LOL)