Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Shameless Plug!

After starting my own blog and my husband being impressed by it, he has decided to create his own blog!

His Blog

I'm go excited that he's going to share his adventures because he has a lot of weird and wacky stuff that happens to him and he really has to share them.

Word of warning though, some stuff may be offensive to the sensitive.  I'm not saying that to be mean, but, being the nature of the jobs he's been in, it's inevitable that there are going to be some 'gross' stuff posted.

Some of the ways in which he deals with what he sees is to make jokes about them.  So although he may seem to be insensitive, he really isn't, it's just his way of coping.  I don't think anyone has the right to begrudge him of that, being as how one of his jobs in particular, is a job that most of us would not be able to do emotionally.  This is his coping strategy and it works for him and if people don't like that, rather than judge, I would hope that they just decide to either not read....or see it for what it is.....someone merely coping.

That said - I hope that all those who read it, will enjoy his antics and his comical (and not so comical) reflections of his day to day life :)


Miss Youthful said...

I'll have a looksie, why not? =D
In this day in age, everyone seems to get offended by everything. I think blogging is a great way to clear ones head, I hope it works for him =)

Ms Boop said...

Aww thats cute :) I'll go check it out.

Lol everyone does get offended by everything so you know my theory on it, "my blog, my thoughts, my way" We don't blog with the intentions to please others and be politically incorrect about everything. YOUR blog is about YOUR thoughts...if someone doesnt like that then as you said, just don't read it :)

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