Saturday, 16 April 2011

Pimp my Blog!

Yeh well I've been looking for the perfect layout for my blog and do you think I could find one?

Why yes of course...baahaahaaa....tricked ya!

Yeh I've found some really cool ones but the only problem is they're simply not suitable for my blog.  For starters, this one place that I've been looking they have some really cool and different layouts but the column that you write in is too thin and I need it wider and I can't work out how to make it wider.

The other issue is sometimes the writing gets lost in all the illustrations and patterns and things
and it would just make it difficult for people to read and I don't want that.  So I'm at a loss...

What to do??

Does anyone have ideas on where to find some good templates?

Give me your links! ;)


Miss Youthful said...

I used for mine :)

Miss Youthful said...

I like it! No, I love it!

Ms Boop said...

Oh also, you can widen the widths of your columns and even chose how many columns and where you want them, for example, you can still have this layout, but your sidebar column could be on the left and might eliminate the 'lost in images' issue you mentioned.

When you're in the design tab, click on "template designer" and in there, click on "adjust widths"
you can make lots of different tweaks to your template and customise it to suit your tastes. You can edit the text and the colour and the font and the background of the actual text etc...
Just back up your current layout, have a play and see what works for you :)

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