Monday, 11 April 2011

Eye Drama.

Well the drama never stops around here.  I was in a foul mood to start with, which didn't help.  Feeling sad and sorry for myself.  Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I think I'll go and eat worms...

Then next thing you know it Cassidy is screaming about her eye.

"My eye!  My eye"

So I go over to try to look and she's covering her eye and rubbing it and wouldn't let me see.  The light had blown in the lounge so I couldn't see anything anyway so I'm trying to move her into the kitchen so I can see under the fluero.  All the while she's screaming. 

And I'm getting more frustrated.

"My eye!  My eye!"

I finally pry her hands away from her eye to find a large white thing on her pupil!  It totally freaked me out because it looked like a cateract...and by this stage I'm just totally freaking because I have no idea what it was and Cass kept rubbing at it and wouldn't let me see.

On the next glimpes I see that the 'cateract' had moved.

Phew!  ok so it's not a 'cateract' and it's actually something that's in her eye.  I glance around and see that Flynn had been into the kitty litter.

Oh God!  It's a crystal from the kitty litter!  He obviously had gotten a handful of it and threw it in her face.

So all this is going 1000 miles an hour in my head, all the while Cass is screaming 'My eye My eye!' and I'm desperately trying to get her to let me look and try to remove the stupid thing.  I'm getting more and more frustrated so I'm yelling at her  "Cassidy!!!  Let me look!  Look at me!!!!!"  Which isn't helping...but I didn't know what else to do.

Finally she's able to squeeze the crystal out of her eye and I gave it a bit more of a squeeze and out it slides!

Ok it's still hurts like a bitch!  And she won't let me look to see if there's any damage.  She's still screaming!  And I'm still screaming!  And Flynn is looking on in wonder.

I get another glimpse of her eye and there's nothing.  It's only a tiny bit red but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it.  I figure that there will be fine scratches throughout, being as how the crystal is quite pointy and it still really huts her.  She eventually settles down but still won't let me have a proper look.

"Leave me alone"  she says "Leave me alone!"

I'm really feeling awful at this point, because I know that part of it is that I was yelling at her.  She's quite sensitive to that.  And I feel real bad.

She continues to hold her eye closed with her hand and falls asleep like that.  I try to open her eye while she was asleep but she would quickly squeeze it shut and groan "leave me alone".

Aaron calls, after I had left a few messages for him to call, and tells me to have a look in the morning and if it still hurts and she's still keeping her eye closed to take her to the hospital,  A quick search on the internet confirms this too.'s morning and I'm happy to report that her eye is fine!  Perfect even.  She says that it's not sore at all and there is no redness or anything. 

What a relief!

Oh...and the kitty litter had not be used either thankfully!  LOL


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