Friday, 15 April 2011


We're having visitors from Brisbane coming to stay with us.  Rachel, Tony, Damian, Taylor and Alisha....Pax for all you BH members.

They are wanting to move up here to the wonderful garden city of Toowoomba so they're coming up to stay for the weekend to take a look at the joint!

I'm so excited!  Fun times.

Rachel is a dear friend of mine.  The type of friend who takes you how you are and who's as nutty as I am, so it means we get on real well!

Met her about 2 years ago on a BH meet and got along real well and then later met her husband and family.  Her husband is into all things wierd like Aaron is so they got along as well.  So if they move up here then I'm going to be one happy camper!!!


Miss Youthful said...

Hope you have a fun time :)

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