Tuesday, 12 April 2011

On Your Marks......

Well the kids had sports day today and as kids do, they like to come home and re-enact the whole thing by racing around the house.  But no matter how many times I tell them not to, they insist on running through the house.

Well this time it was not without incident.  Jade (10), decided to get all superstar athlete on us and put her feet in blocks.  Only we don't have any blocks...but that didn't matter to Jade, oh no, she improvised and used the wall instead!

So one foot against the wall and the other bent in front.  Both hands on the imaginary starting line...On your mark...get set...


Pushes off the wall with her heal....


her heal...

goes right through the wall! 

Yes it does!

She's put a hole right through the plaster and now there's a gaping cavity near the skirting board.  Oh I am not impressed...not one iota! *shakes head*

So now we have to find a plasterer to fix the hole.  Luckily we've just had an inspection so we won't be expecting one of those for another 3 months, so we have 3 months to find a plasterer to fix the wall.

Oh the joy of children!!!


Ms Boop said...

Lol I did that to my parents wall once, except I fell and my foot went right through and I hit my head on the terracotta tiles and had a mild concussion - needless to say, mum didnt want me to drive to work that day - I did lol

Hope you're wall is alright :)

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