Thursday, 21 April 2011

Thou shalt not pee on Good Friday.

Took the kids to the park today for a sausage sizzle.  Had to drive around a fair bit trying to find a park that was not overcrowded as it seems that everyone else had the same idea as well LOL.

So we're driving around trying to find a park and Cassidy (3) pipes up in the back "I really really busting mummy!!!!" and figured that the one at the Toowoomba's Tourist Information Centre would be as good a place as they have a toilet.

So we tell here to hold on while we were driving there.

Just hold on...

Hold on...won't be long, nearly there....

Finally arrive only to find out that the toilet is closed on Good Fridays.....

Ooooookay then! 

Note to self, don't be needing to go to the loo on Good Fridays...Gah!


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