Sunday, 26 August 2012

Update on My New Obsession...Plus Two More Obsessions *Gasp*


Yes that's right...I have two more!!!  Two more things that are going to take up my time and my thoughts.  Yes two more things that would take me away from a certain friend, if I still had her, and make me all 'distant' and 'fake' and 'up myself' and all that.  Yes I have THAT much power over people...who knew??

Anyway before I introduce you to my new obsessions, I'll update my cooking obsession for you all....

It's been great!  We've introduced some new taste sensations, revamped some old ones and had a few failures in between.  I've started my blog and have shared it with a few of my close friends for the time being, until I get more confident...

I've even done a few sweet dishes (which I was avoiding to start off with) are a few photos...

Cake Batter Dip

Basically a sweet dip made on Cake batter.  I served this at a "Nature's Direct" party I recently had.  Oh yeh I've gotten into more natural cleaning products for the home too, I'll talk about that in another post another time.  Anyway I served this with some tiny teddies and some strawberries....the strawberries dipped in this stuff is pure heaven, it was like there was a party in my mouth and everyone was invited.  Needless to say I was asked for the recipe by a few people.

Nutmeg Slice

This was an old recipe from way back from my ex mother in law but it went MIA for a few years but I recently found it again in amongst some crap I was going through.  So glad I did find it as it is one of my favourite slices to make....and to eat.  Really yummy! 


Now these are a bit 'naked' as I usually dip them in chocolate but I couldn't be bothered that day.  But these are a tried and true recipe from way back that I've been making for years.  I got it out of my "Everyday Cookery" textbook from year 10 home ec....that's how long I've had it.  It's old and tattered now but I still love that cookbook!

And here's a failure!  (Don't try this at home folks!)

This was meant to be my Choc Banana Loaf that I totally stuffed up....well not totally as I was still able to cut it up and serve it...and it actually still tasted nice anyway.  But yeh....evidence of my mishaps right there!

Oh Look...Chocolate all stuck to the bottom!  Mmmmm chocolate!

But it's all good....still yummy!

Here's another one of my projects that was time consuming but enjoyable and tasty all the same....

Family Beef Pie

So yes I've been a very busy bee indeeed.  Loving this cooking bug and so is my family...they're loving it!

Garage Saling

This brings me to my next obsession....Garage Sales!!!  OMG they are so much fun!!  Aaron and I went to a few back when we first got together and we really enjoyed it, but we just haven't been since.  I don't know...I guess life got in the way.  But Aaron thought of this wonderful idea of starting up again and I'm so glad we did!  We set out early on Saturday was about 5.30, we stopped off at Zerraphas (sp?) for a coffee and planned our order of attack then we went to all these places and picked up some really great bargains.  Aaron got a small laptop for $50 and a digital camera for $10.  I got some Dragonology books and board game for Dana for $25 the lot.  I found a Billabong coat for $1.  And a few other bits and and jewerly for $1, a board game for $ was brilliant!  We had so much fun! 

So now...we have the bug...the garage saling bug!  And we plan on putting money aside each week and going every few months or so.  So stay I brag about all the bargains I find.  Scrap Vinnies....I'll never get my kid's clothes from there again!


Yes I've started quilting!  I'm very new at it and am being instructed by a friend and we've decided we're going to have a quiltting bee every week.  So I'm now going through all the clothing we don't want that is too gungy for vinnies and cutting them up for patches.

So exciting!  And it will give me something to do of a night time when I'm watching my shows.  (I have a thing where I can't watch tv without doing something with my hands...folding washing, computer, ipod, phone...whatever...I need to do something with my hands so now I can sew as well!  I can't sew for shit...I've never been able to sew anything other than a button or a heam, but I'm sure going to learn very quickly. 

I will post pics as we go along.

So...that is the obsession(s) updates from me, until next time :)


I apologise to my readers for my socially awkward penguin.  I do realise it's not along the usual lines of this blog but I thought he was cute, even if a little on the lame and juvenile side.  So yes...I do apologise.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Socially Awkward Penguin!

I love this guy!