Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Red Tent - No More!

I've written about the red tent and as you know I was part of the red tent facebook group.  I have now 'unliked' the group.  I've realised that it's not something that I want splashed across my feed. 

As I've said before, I love the concept of it, but what I don't like about it is the worshipping of women, the worshipping of menstual blood and such like.  To me,  it's like worshipping an Anuism(sp?), or snot...

Oh glorious snot
How I adore your green flowing goodness
You flow over my face and then,
I need a tissue to clean you,

It's odd to worship and celebrate a bodily function.  I think that we should accept it and that it shouldn't be taboo, and quite fankly its no where near as taboo as it use to be.  But to make poetry about it...create art with it?  No!  Go out and celebrate something else...your acheivements.... anything.  And now that I know that menstuation isn't healthy or's even more off that one would want to worship it. 

The whole 'inner Goddess' thing makes me feel uncomfortable too.  It's the whole pagan infiltration that puts me off.  I don't mind the concept of women having somewhere to go to talk to other women and be heard, but what's with the religious stuff that needs to go with it?  If I wanted religion I'd go to church, if I wanted rituals I'd join a cult.  And this is what it seems to be like...a cult that wishes to brainwash women to believe they are Goddesses and that their menstual blood is gold and in need of worship. 

I don't NEED to search for some reason to think highly of my gender...I already appreciate who I am and what I do.  I find this constant need to validate being a woman a little too..insecure...for want of a better word.  Insecure within themselves and who they are and what they represent that they need to conjure up ways to celebrate their femininity and worship it.  It's strange.  It's almost like they know they are pathetic human beings...they know that they are merely a speck in the universe but they are so puffed up in their self importance that instead of looking outside themselves in search of 'God' or a version of God...they look within themselves in search for God.  Do they think that they are that great that they are God?  Sound's very mormon to me.  It's very odd. 

Don't get me wrong.  I'm very open minded.  It's why I joined the fb page in the first place.  It's why I took part in the women's circle last year.  I had no qualms at all about any of it, mainly because I got to choose what I took part in and how much.  But when this stuff is being splashed across my newsfeed and I'm forced to look at's when I protest.  It was my choice to join the page but it was not my choice to watch other women blindly following others in worshipping of their bodily it somehow has power over them.  And now that I know that it's basically a heommorage of an organ that they are's even harder to watch and not want to shake some sense into these women. 

It's funny....the other day I watched a movie called "Wonderlust" it has Jennifer Aniston and that other dude from friends (Paul Rudd) and it was about this couple who stumble into a hippy commune...and OMG it was so funny.  It soooo reminded me of this group.

Wonderlust Trailer

If you ever watch it (it's not for the faint hearted by the way) watch out for the bathroom mirror scene...OMG I was laughing so hard!!!! no...the red tent (well the way they've contructed it) is not for me.  I'd like my own red tent but I'd like it to be just a place to hang when I'm PMSing and for everyone to leave me alone while I cry and yell and rant....I just don't want the Kumbaya stuff and the worshipping of idols - no thanks.

PS - I have to post the bathroom scene.  For those who are easily offended and precious and who don't like swearing and's not for you ok...just a warning ok.

Hilareously funny bathroom scene

Apparantly none of it was scripted at all.  I just don't know how he did it without laughing at himself.  LOL


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