Friday, 13 January 2012

Another Wedding dress post!

Well I had decided on a wedding dress....and I really love it, I do...but....there are certain aspects that I don't like about it and when I keep looking I see other wedding dresses that I like also.  So now I'm undecided again.

So I thought by making a post and talking about all the different wedding dresses it might help me decide. 

So....  (Wow when I started this, I didn't think there'd be so many!!!)

Wedding Dress #1



What I like -  The pleating around the bodice giving the more 'slim' look, the bubble ruffles, how it looks relatively simple from the front but from the back it has the 'wow' factor.  I like how there are no ribbons in the front but they are all in the back. 

What I dislike -  There looks to be vertical 'seams' at the bottom of the dress which I don't like.  It would look a lot better without the seams and if the bubble/ruffle came down a bit further.  If I was to pick this dress I'd have to ask for it to be made without the seams and for the bubble/ruffle to come down further or to make another bubble/ruffle.  Trying to explain that to a chinese person, who most likely doesn't understand a lot of english will be difficult and that would make me nervous when ordering the dress.

Wedding Dress #2

What I like -  Slight gathering around the waist, giving the 'slim' illusion.  The interesting gathering going down the dress.  The applique is really pretty and is not overkill.

What I dislike - That there was no photo of the back so I wouldn't know what the back would look like so would need to ask...and again translation would pose a problem.  I also don't like that ruffly thing at the neckline.

Wedding Dress #3

What I like -  The gathering at the waist, again giving the streamline illusion.  the ruffles coming down and exposing the lace underneath.  The applique.

What I dislike -   The bodice looks a bit odd, and the way the ruffles sit looks like it's just been pulled up to expose the lace.  The dress doesn't 'grab' me.

Wedding Dress #4

What I like -  The gathering of the waist and how it looks like it criss crosses at the bust a bit.  I like the material and how it sits....I also like the bits of applique on the top part of the dress leaving the bottom part plain.

What I dislike -   I really don't know what I dislike about it.  It just doesn't give me the 'wow' factor.  I don't like how the gathering at the side looks too angular and severe.

Wedding Dress #5

What I like -  I do like the overall look of the dress.  It's similar to the first one where it has gathering/pleating over the bodice then the bubble/ruffles going down the dress, but this one is more interesting in that it has the applique which is nice.

What I dislike -   The problem is that although I like the overall look of the dress, it does look a bit 'cheap' to me....cheaply made even.  I don't know what it's made out of...I can't remember, but I think if it had been made out of taffeta it would be better.  It could also be the case of the photo not doing it justice too.  Another problem is that it didn't have a picture of the I'd be going blind.

Wedding Dress #7

What I like -  I don't know what is underneath but I like the organza over the top.  Again there's the gathering on the bodice and I like the ruffles going over the whole dress.  I especially love the 'wow' factor of the back.

What I dislike -  A tad too simple, it would have been nice with a bit of applique.

Wedding Dress #8

What I like -  The more I look at this dress the more I like it.  I love the lace bodice.  And then the organza on the bottom, giving that 'flowyness'.  I like the ruffles, I like how there's not too much.  And I like how it kinda criss crosses a bit at the back.

What I dislike -  Would have been nice if the lace was over the whole thing, but then it may not be as flowy.  I worry that the way it sits plus the material would not be that flattering to my figure.  I also worry that it looks so nice in the pic...what if it doesn't look as nice when it's made.  At least with the others they have bells and whistles to still give it the 'wow' factor...whereas this one, if it's not made properly really doesn't have anything and would look dull and drab.


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