Saturday, 7 January 2012

Week 2 - Weigh in

Sunday - Rest day, attempted fast, calorie intake low
Monday - Calorie intake low, portion control fail
Tuesday - Calorie intake over, portion control fail
Wednesday - Calorie intake in limits, portion control fail
Thursday - 2k row, 20 mins bikes, calorie intake in limits, portion control
Friday - 5k row, 20 mins bikes, calorie intake low, portion control.
Saturday - 5k row, 20 mins bikes, calorie intake within limits, portion control fail

Third weigh in

Current Weight - 82kg  --- 81kg --- 79.9kg
Waist - 96.5cm --- 95cm --- 92cm
Hips - 110.5cm --- 108.5cm --- 104cm
Chest 97.5cm (above the point measuring my boobs I don't want them to lose weight LOL) --- 95cm --- 95cm
Thigh - 63.5cm --- 62cm --- 60.5cm
Upper arm - 33cm --- 32cm --- 30.5cm

First Goal


How I'm going to get there

Counting calories at Calorie King.

Drop portion size by eating off a bread and butter plate.


24 hour fast once a week (or as close to 24 hour)

Cardio workouts at the gym...getting my program tomorrow
Next weigh in

Sunday 22nd Jan.

What I hope to be



There's some discrepency this week.  I bought some digital scales that have put me a whole 2kg heavier than my dial scales.  This upset me quite a bit as it means that instead of starting at 80kg I actually started at means I still lost 2kgs in 2 weeks.  A kilo a week, which was my goal.  It also meanst that it would take me another 4 weeks to get to my first goal of 75kg.

It's awful, I get on the dial ones and it tells me I'm 78kg, then I get on the digital ones that tell me I'm 79.9kg - practically 80kgs still, where I thought i started.  It's a huge dissappointment to say the least.  But at the same time I need to remember that I have still lost 2kg....that hasn't changed!  That's a good thing.  It also means that it's probably more accurate and I have to keep telling myself that I was 82kg to start will....not 80.  It's's not really a set back, it's just an adjustment to the way I was thinking.  I'm focused on getting myself to 78kg again this week...the same as last week - no biggie!

On a different note, I found that the fast day, which was last sunday, really didn't change anything.  Meaning I still lost 1kg, the same as last week when I hadn't done the fast.  But I'll do it again today....and another couple of weeks to give a more accurate result.  But after the next few weeks, if nothing has changed much then I will probably drop it.

But here's where things are really good....the centimetres!!!  Ok the kilo's are pretty ordinary but the cms!!!!!  I've lost 3cm off my waist, 3.5cm off my hips, 1.5cm off my upper arm, and 1.5cm off my thighs....I can't be disappointed in that!  I've tried very hard to measure in the same spots each time but I may have been out here and there....lets hope I'm close huh!

Anyway, tomorrow is when I get my program from the gym and I'll be working out 6 days, so we'll see how things go next week :)


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