Thursday, 5 January 2012

Dreaming about Sushi!

Ok this might be a strange post but I had to post it #1 because it's funny and #2 because it's just plain weird, but I dreamed of sushi last night.

Now just so you know, I hate Sushi!!!  I can't stand the stuff.  The thought of eating raw fish makes me dry wretch and my sister tied to get me onto chicken sushi years ago, that smelt really nice I admit...but....the sea weed turned me off!  It smells and it tastes like....dirt, really!  Needless to say Sushi is off my radar, it's never even hit my radar, I never consider eating it when out.  Don't think about it, don't care about it...don't talk about it and yet....

Last night I dreamt that I had the best sushi ever!!!!  I don't know what type it was but it was sooooooo yum, and I wanted more and more.  I just kept eating sushi and marvelling at how scrumptious it all was.  Just kept taking bites out of it and I couldn't get enough LOL

Then this morning I woke up with a huge craving for Sushi!  Not the gross, sea weed (although the ones in my dream did have sea weed but it actually didn't taste like sea weed), raw fish kind....but the yummy kind I had in my dream.  I'm even disappointed that such a yummy sushi doesn't exist!

So now I'm there such a thing as yummy sushi???

Sushi anyone?


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