Friday, 6 January 2012

Intermitted Fasting?

Well I fell upon a blog of a nutitionist body builder guy who has some interesting theories and debunks a lot of the myths that we've all been spoon fed, for God knows how long, about weightloss etc.

Myths such as, fasting putting you into starvation mode, eating after a certain time of night can make you fat, eating frequent meals can boost your metabolism etc etc  It's all very interesting seeing him debunk the FEW studies that have been done on this and offering his own logical explanations for them all.  I'm a very logical thinker so this works for me. 

One....or the main thing that he is promoting is intermitted fasting, so going a long period of time without eating...then exercising actually helps in fat loss and muscle mass.  Whereas we are led to believe the complete opposite...

Some of the things he is saying are....

Note that every damn meat eating mammal goes to sleep after consuming massive amounts of food e.g lions, dogs, bears but apparently somewhere down the line, nutritionist´s came up with the conclusion that we somehow evolved.
Then goes onto explain how researchers have come up with why it's so bad for us by studying fat people and how they eat high calorie diets, have sedamentry lifestyles and who eat heaps of junk at night while watching tv and not getting enough sleep, and claims that perhaps the other factors are more of the reason rather than them eating at that time of night.  He claims that if your living a healthy lifestyle with nutritionally sound foods then it doesn't matter what time of night you eat them. Found here.

Seemingly paradoxical, metabolic rate is actually increased in short-term fasting. For some concrete numbers, studies have shown an increase of 3.6% - 10% after 36-48 hours (Mansell PI, et al, and Zauner C, et al). This makes sense from an evolutionary perspective. Epinephrine and norepinephrine (adrenaline/noradrenaline) sharpens the mind and makes us want to move around. Desirable traits that encouraged us to seek for food, or for the hunter to kill his prey, increasing survival. At some point, after several days of no eating, this benefit would confer no benefit to survival and probably would have done more harm than good; instead, an adaptation that favored conservation of energy turned out to be advantageous. Thus metabolic rate is increased in short-term fasting (up to 60 hours)

Found here.

There are more interesting debunks of myths that have simply never made sense to me as they didn't seem logical.  He goes on to explain that 3 square meals a day is better than 6 small meals...and a lot of these ideas have been how I used to live with I was thin! 

Not saying that I'm going to out and do exactly what this guy does, after all I have a lot more reading to do before I conclude that this theory has merit, plus I haven't even looked into what all this means to females and those who don't wish to be body builders, and just want to be fit, slim and toned....nothing more.

Anyway there are some interesting articles there so I'll be reading with interest and you never know, I may incorporate some of his ideals in my quest for weight loss!

ETA - I just want to clarify, that those reading this aren't thinking that it's about not eating and anorexia or anything like.  I've read this back and realise that it might look really bad.  But that's not the case, when he talks about fasting for 12 - 16 hours then exercising in your fasted state, you would then go and 'break your fast' (breakfast).  This generally is done you're fasting anyway.  So if you had your dinner at 6pm, 12 hours would bring you to 6am, so you'd exercise between 6am to 10am, then break you fast after that.  Some full on body builders would do it at different times but this way would be better for people like me.  I would just hold off on my breakfast until after my workout no biggie! 

I just want to make sure people aren't thinking that he's promoting fasting for days and exercising like an anorexic.  He most definetly does not promote going much further than 12 -16 hours as, he claims, it's counter productive because of insulin levels or something changes or something or rather (blah blah blah it's all so scientific).

Anyway just wanted to clarify that it's more of a different way of looking at things.  Eating 3 good square meals a day...good nutrition and just choosing to exercise to promote optimal fat loss and muscle mass.  He also promots having 'cheat' days where you indulge on things cake and whatnot but warns against binging.  It's about nutrition without deprivation of the things you love etc.

From what I can gather anyway....I probably misinterpreted the whole thing as he does talk in scientific language a lot and loses me....but I think I got the basics, which is all I really need.  I by no means wish to be a body builder, just want a healthier lifestyle :)


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