Saturday, 14 January 2012

Week 3 - weigh in

Sunday - Rest day - fast day, calorie intake low
Monday - Weight training, 20 mins bikes, calorie intake within limits
Tuesday - Interval rowing 1k, 20 mins bikes, calorie intake within limits
Wednesday - Weight training, 5k row. calorie intake high
Thursday - Weight training, interval bike training, treadmill 5 mins, calorie intake within limits
Friday - Calorie intake within limits
Saturday - Calorie intake low, some ab work
Sunday - Fast day, calorie intake low

Fourth weigh in

Current Weight - 82kg  --- 81kg --- 79.9kg ---78.6kg
Waist - 96.5cm --- 95cm --- 92cm --- 91cm
Hips - 110.5cm --- 108.5cm --- 104cm --- 103cm
Chest 97.5cm (above the point measuring my boobs I don't want them to lose weight LOL) --- 95cm --- 95cm --- 93.5
Thigh - 63.5cm --- 62cm --- 60.5cm --- 59cm
Upper arm - 33cm --- 32cm --- 30.5cm --- 30cm

First Goal


How I'm going to get there

Counting calories at Calorie King.

Drop portion size by eating off a bread and butter plate.


24 hour fast once a week (or as close to 24 hour)

Cardio workouts at the gym...getting my program tomorrow
Next weigh in

Monday 31st Jan.

What I hope to be



Another kilo down!  Not as many cms but I put that down to doing weight work that may slow because of that.  One thing I've gotta remember, though, is to STOP WEIGHING MYSELF.  I keep weighing myself throughout the week and it fluctuates so much that I get disheartened if it goes up a bit, even though I know some of it would be water I still get dissappointed and think it's not working.  So I really need to promise myself to stop!  I also changed my weigh day from Sunday to Monday now so there's an extra day in there.

3 more kilos and I would have hit my first goal!


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