Saturday, 7 January 2012

1st Fast (attempted)

Well today is my first fast day, I've started at 7pm last night and will finish at 7pm tonight. 

10:20am - So far so good, still early though but my body is noticing that I haven't had breakfast yet, it's letting me know "Hey it's breaky time!" and I'm ignoring.  It's very easy to ignore though.  Getting the jitters a little but I don't know if that's cos I haven't eaten or because I haven't had my morning coffee or both.  I am allowed to have coffee but it has to have no sugar or no calories but because I don't like black coffee with no sugar then too bad for me!  Anyway apart from that, doing great, plan on being busy when I start getting really hungry.  Will check back in at lunch time.

12:24pm -  Starting to feel a bit peckish.  On days when I have breaky early I can get like this by now anyway so no different to those days.  I keep thinking "What can I have for lunch" then "Oh yeh...I'm not having lunch".  Still feeling a bit jittery but nothing too bad.  Don't have much energy either but that could also be because of the crap sleep last night....I felt ever more lethagic the other day and I wasn't even fasting.  So yeh doing alright - missing food a little LOL

3:19pm - I don't feel much different than the last time I checked in, only I do have a headache which is annoying me.  Not sure if this is 'fast' related but it sure has put a damper on things.  Feelin' hungry but nothing too bad and the shakes are gone now - cool!

6:11 - Ok I'm ready for dinner now.  My tummy has been making noises for the past hour (only the past hour which is pretty good) and tea is now on and will be ready in about 5 or so minutes so I'll break my fast  about 45 mins before 7pm but meh....who cares!  Close enough.  I'll come back tomorrow to disect today bye!


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