Thursday, 28 June 2012

Update on my Cooking Obsession.

I haven't yet been able to buy all my equipment as other things have come up financially but I have slowly been buying things for my pantry staples so that's good.

I've already cooked some great meals, a few that have been hits like my 'Sweet and Sour Chicken' and my "Bacon and Egg Pie" and some that I'll have to tweak a bit before I am able to call them a success or biff the recipe altogether.

I haven't cooked any sweet things yet and I can't wait until I can, but I have tried "Chocolate Ravioli" easy peasy and oh so yummy for such a simple dish., and will gladly be added to my regulars :)

I'm also yet to get stuck into something 'hard' ...I do have projects in mind too so should be interesting.  It would be a sunday project type deal I reckon.

Tonight "Gerard Steak" is in the oven and smells devine!  Tomorrow it's an Australian Chop Suey...can't wait! 

I said to Aaron the other day "We're really chipping away at these recipes honey....900 more to go!" LOL  BTW that's no exageration either...I have over 1000 actually - it's going to take me years!!!  Hopefully one day I'll be able to share my recipe blog as tried and tested and tweaked recipes for the busy family!

Anyway, I'm having great fun!  It's it's always exciting trying something 'new'. :)


Anonymous said...

"Australian Chop Suey"???
The mind boggles...

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