Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Purpose of my Blog

You know the only names I mention on my blog are my own, my husband's or my children.  If I talk about anyone else on here I most certainly do not mention their name.  The only way someone is going to know who I'm talking about is if I tell them...or if the person I'm talking about tells them "Hey Des is talking about meeeee".  Other than that...if I mention someone by way of a X for example, X wouldn't have any reason to feel embarrased or humiliated or that their personal stuff is being 'aired' on a public blog.  I don't think someone all the way over in Hong Kong who's done a search on something and who happens to stumble on my blog is going to think "X did that??  Oh how terrible"  No they're going to think "Boring blog' then quickly press 'X' and get out as fast as they can and try to forget the drivvle they've just read!  And, as I said, if anyone does work out who I'm talking would only be because the person themselves has told them - which means they have humiliated themselves by revealing their own identity to said person.

As for airing of dirty laundry.  You know what?  This is my blog!  The purpose of my blog is to express myself and record shit...I don't know...but it's MY BLOG and I can do with it as I god damn please thanks very much.  Don't like it?  Don't read it!  Simple!

My blog hasn't been all that exciting lately anyway...for the last 6 months I've mainly be recording my weightloss...because I'm so obsessed (or is it dedicated?) now because I'd been making half arsed attempts at losing weight for the last 4 years and not going anywhere ...then complaining about it...then making yet another half arsed attempt.   So then I finally pulled my finger out and became DEDICATED to losing weight, after all - you need to change something when you want change...instead of complaining about it all the time!  But apparantly being obsessed/dedicated to losing weight is a crime now.  Did you know?  So is organising a wedding apparantely.  Cos we all turn into bridezillas and weightloss fanatics and distance ourselves from people....and don't even know they're doing it!  And no one tells them either.  Well actually they DO tell them....but not until after they've turned on them, abused them and said horrible things...THEN they tell you - "Oh by the way the reason I'm such a bitch is because you were so caught up in losing weight and organising wedding stuff and I was such a good friend to NOT tell you...till now...and now I'm going to throw it in your face and hold it against you!  Kay?"  Soooo I'm going to stop losing weight so that YOU can feel better about YOURSELF?

Aaaanyway...back to boring blogs.  Now looking's been about weight and weddings, so maybe some people may have a point about that.  Now I have to find a new obs...I mean...dedication!  Well actually I have - RECIPES!!!!

Oh I've been trawling the internet (using my other obsession) to find really cool recipes!  Basically I am going to try new recipes on my family,...trying not to kill them in the process!!!

How cool's that?  So I'll be blogging about that more boring obsessive shit that random people from Hong Kong can google then go and gouge their eyes out with blunt spoons for after they read it!

So that's the purpose of my blog!  And I'm not going to apologise for it...I'm just going to do the do and get on with it.

Oh and one more thing.....

I'm still losing weight!!!  And I was the most beautiful princess on my wedding day because it's a free country and I'm allowed to be!

So there!

***disclaimer - I have nothing against people from Hong Kong.  In fact I feel so highly about them that I would think them too intelligent to think anything about my blog as interesting***


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