Monday, 12 September 2011

Which Celebrant?? Ugh!!!

So we met up with a few celebrants yesterday and we're have a dilemma. We both have different views on who we like and who we don't like it's awful!

I know what will happen, in the end he'll say that it's my day and I should choose but that's not what I want. I want us both to like her and to be excited about it grrrrrr. I think we'll have to sit down and list pros and cons on them all.

One issue I have is that one of the ladies who we both didn't like has actually gone out of her way and thought about our ceremony and written a mock up one already and includes a very personal but funny reading about us and everything. This is one we thought wasn't all that good, but she's going above and beyond and everything and we haven't even chosen her yet.

Then one that we both liked doesn't do music, which means I'm going to have to nominate someone to do stop and start the music and stuff, otherwise we have to pay her an extra $50 for her to get someone to do it for us...huh?

I don't know...


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