Thursday, 29 September 2011

More Wedding Packages on the Way!

Well I ordered my corset yesterday. A proper one where the bones are steal not plastic. Hopefully it will sit nice under the dress. Needless to say I'll be working on losing a little bit of weight between now and then so I can look my best and the corset doesn't have to do too much work. It's a nice satin one with lace, it's really pretty and perfect for the 'corset style' top of the wedding dress.

Then when I get the corset I'll get my measurements while it's on and then order my wedding dress! Won't be long now!

I ordered my tiara as well...don't know if I'll wear it, it depends on how it looks on with the veil etc...that's what the hair trial is for It didn't cost that much anyway if I don't use it.

Can't wait to get them...I love getting packages in the mail!


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