Thursday, 15 September 2011

I'm too Sexy...

Do you ever prance through your house like a supermodel?  Or is it just me?

When I'm in a particularly good mood and kinda energetic I like to strut through my house like I'm Miranda freaking Kerr!!  Our house is pretty big, it has to be to house 6 kids.  And it has a very loooooong hallway that you almost need a cut lunch every time you want to go to the toilet or whatever.  So it's a perfect catwalk.

I get the momentum going and even think that I could lose some weight doing a whole 1 gram maybe?  Better than nothing!  So every time I strut down my hallway this way and I think I'm so super sexy and I could so  be a supermodel I am brought down to earth as soon as come into the vacinity of .....

....a mirror!!!

Oh God!  What am I doing????  Look at me!


I'm a freak!  Man I'm ugly!


And today in particular my face is recovering from a terrible incident involving some 'Gamma Hydroxy' compound that's been shoved in a jar with a very expensive sounding label on it that's suppose to magically make you look younger...that I'm obviously allergic too.  So yeh, My face has felt like it's burning for the last has a couple of discreet dots on it and today it's a litttle on the puffy side.  It's getting better but it's S L O W!.

So of course, saundering past the mirror like I'm the most gorgeous beauty to ever walk the planet, and taking a brief glimpes of my burning shoulders slump and I'm immediately aware of the reality that is my face.

The rest of the day is spend moping around in a depressive state!

I hate Miranda Kerr!


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