Monday, 12 September 2011

And it's about Time!!!

Yes after being together for 5 and a half years and two children, we're finally tying the knot!!

Ok the date is going to be 18th of Feb. 2012. However we might change this depending if the venue has the space in March or April. It's going to be so hot in Feb!!! But if we can't change it then 18th Feb it is!

We've chosen our venue at Highfields Cutlural Centre - we love it because of the lighting effects that they have and the fact that we can get married outside and the guests don't have to go anywhere! We can go off and get a few photos and the guests can mingle around a lovely outdoor area having canap├ęs and drinks before being ushered into the reception area.

My colour is going to be pale pink - love pink! I'm having my children in the bridal party and Aaron's having his brother as his best man.

I've ordered and paid for the girl's bridesmaid dresses $156.95 altogether from Dino's direct custom made. Bought Cassidy's flowergirl dress for $50 bargain!

Photography is going to be free as my cousin's going to do it - yay

A friend's going to do the cake at around $150

And am looking online ATM for invitations and bomboneires! I've found some plastic boxes that you could put ribbon around and they come with a sticker with the guest's name on it for free. So technically I could get the bom's and the place cards for one price...but still shopping because I think I can get them separate for cheaper still.

I think I'm going to make my own invites so looking on ebay atm for supplies for as.

Next port of call is to find a celebrant!


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