Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Extravagant vs Simple

Haven't done much more lately, 'cept I've have put another $2000 on our wedding venue.  And I think I've changed my mind on my choice of wedding dress again 0

Anyway I have a bit of a beef...I'm getting sick of people tell me to keep it 'simple'.  I don't mean that they are dictating to me....nothing like that.  How can I explain?  Well for instance when they share their opinion on something or other they say that they like it because it's 'simple'.  Which is fine and everything but don't people think it's boring??

Take wedding dresses for example...all I ever see is the same old wedding dress...A-line with simple beading and perhaps a little embellishment here and don't see anything extravigant anymore!  I don't mean vulgar either...just something a bit different or a little more fancy.  Something that will cause someone to take a double take and go 'wow...what a dress' instead of 'Oh yes that's nice...seen it before but ya's pretty'.

<---Look at this.

<----- then look at this.

See the difference?  The first one is simple...the second one has that little bit extra.  The first one (or variation of) seems to be what most people choose, very rarely do I see anything different.  Gets a bit boring.

Same with makeup.  I've been ringing around for makeup artists and some of them say that I'd want something 'simple'.  Well no....I don't.  When I wear make up myself it's 'simple' so I may as well do my own make up.  No, what I want is to look different...not like a whore but perhaps like a movie star, with the air brushed look - you know!  That's what I want.

I don't get the 'simple' trend.  I wear simple everyday...jeans and t-shirt!  But I think that on my wedding day I'd want a little bit more than just 'simple'.


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