Monday, 12 September 2011

The Things People do to get your Business.

So a couple of weeks ago we met up with the functions co-ordinator at Burke and Wills motel to look at using one of their function rooms. It all seemed nice and everything even though we didn't choose's all good. Anyway chatting to the lady and telling her that we hadn't looked for a celebrant yet and she tells us that they're all booked out and that one bride had to get one from Sydney for $2000.

Anyway so I'm panicing by this stage thinking how hard it's going to be to find one yadda yadda. But Aaron, being the smart guy that he is, reckoned that she was lying to us trying to get us to use her 'prefered' celebrant (especially if we used their venue).

Well it turned out he was right. I started searching yesterday and everyone that I emailed got back to me within 1/2 hour and told me that they were available for the 18 of Feb...and I even got a few phone calls. So basically I can choose!!!

*shakes head* why do people lie? Like seriously? Did she think we wouldn't find out that she had us going? So glad we didn't pick their venue now!


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