Monday, 12 September 2011

And we have a Celebrant!

Celebrant is picked, in the end I got my own way LOL Because he really didn't care as much as he claimed...idiot.

Anyway we have a lovely indian lady who was just lovely. She only does it because she loves weddings so much and she loves steaking beaking at everyone's dresses and things LOL I know she'll be good because this isn't her bread and butter...she does it out of sheer enjoyment.

She can also mix our music for us to stop and start when we like and she does it all, I don't have to nominate anyone to do it for us - which annoyed me about the other lady. All these other extras too which is great and I can't wait to go through her little 'vow' book so we can pick some really cool vows.

Oh oh and we have decided to do the celtic tradition of 'handfasting' (hands together wrapping a cord around the hands). Dh is very proud of his irish heritage so yeh he really wants this.

The celebrant offered the 'sands' ceremony to signify the union of our families (children) but I don't like it because we are already unified so there's no real point.

All in all I'm very happy with our choice of celebants

Paid our venue deposit too so it's now set in stone!


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