Saturday, 17 November 2012


***Frankly I cant believe you are still talking about this.***

Well I am.  So what?

****No, you should not offer a room to someone and have them have to open it up to children who have not learned how to respect anyones belongings.****

My children were 2 and 4...they were still in the process of learning to respect people's belongings.  You don't expect someone's children to behave any different than your own children of similar age.  Your own child got into things too!  It was a rumpus room that they had free reign in up until that point!  You do not go to someone's house and take them up on their hospitality, take up a room that belonged to their children and magically expect that those children wouldn't find their way in there somehow!(especially when you couldn't lock the door).  If it wasn't my children that got into your stuff....if would have been your own child R!  Either way, it hadn't even happened yet and we could have discussed it and figured out a solution like I did with the family I bunked with when I was at the ripe old age of 19.  Her kids got into my suitcase and pulled out all my underwear and pads and things while she was in the shower!  But you know what I did?  Instead of harbouring my feelings, we discussed it like adults and found a solution.  Just like that!  It was THAT easy!  Who would have thought?  But no not you!  No you prefer to act the martyr or the victim and make out that it was a direct insult to you.  BTW I never had a room...I slept on their couch in their loungeroom while them and their kids lived their lives around me.....AND WAS GRATEFUL!!!!  A concept you clearly know nothing about!!!

*** Your children are beautiful as are mine.***

Save it!

***When you finally learn that giving does not come with conditions***

What conditions????  That was my downfall actually that I  DIDN'T have conditions!!!!  Are you serious??!!  That was where I went wrong with you.....I let you have free reign of my home!  I never once stipulated any conditions WHATSOEVER....YOU....however....had a whole bunch of hidden conditions of your stay here AND our friendship that I knew nothing about!  Are you kidding me?!  This is one area I have actually remmedied since knowing you!  I've actually put conditions ON my friendships now....BECAUSE OF YOU!!!    Speak for yourself!

***then you may finally learn how self centred you are.***

Me???  Excuse me I'm not the one who conducted a friendship...all the while watching and microanalysing the other person's every move then go to their wedding and sit and make unreasonable conclusions about them based on how the wedding was conducted.  Then ran around sending messages to said person about how terrible they are! YOU DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You're the one who's self-centred....have a fucking look at yourself!!!  You made it all about YOU!!!  And you are the ONLY one who did that - just you!!!!!  What does that say about you???

***If it gives you any condolence I again am unhomed and John is coming with me due to the fact another narcissist like yourself is saying we cant be together.***

Now I'm a narcissist???  You're deluded!  You have no idea.  I never ONCE told you you couldn't be together with J - NOT ONCE!!!!!    What the fuck are you on about???  It's funny how these things keep happening to YOU isn't it?  What?...did you harbour ill feelings against that person too did you?....did you then let it out and show how ungrateful you are did you?  And this is what you get???  It's funny how things work? you are...the victim....again!  The world is out to get you R....look out!  Ppppppfffffffttttttt!

*** Get the fuck over yourself. *** you get over yourself!  Go and be the vicitimised martyr somewhere else...I'm not interested!

***Goodbye. Another chapter in my life I dont want to look back on.***

Yeh you keep saying that but you KEEP on finding a way to send me direct messages!!!  I have never actually sent you ANY direct messages!!!  I have not messaged you, your children your husband nor have I ever called you about anything.  YOU on the other hand, keep coming back!  You come and read MY BLOG then find a way to message me!  This is my blog about my thoughts!!! You come and you find ME and then assume I write about you then message me crap full of contridictions!!!  Do you have my blog saved in your favourites do you??  Do yourself a favour....delete it!!!!  It serves you no purpose other than being a sticky beak!  If you don't want to look back on the chapter then stop reading the fucking book!!!!! Fuck off and leave me alone R!!!!!  Some people would call this harrassment!!! 

***And for your information a Domestic Violence shelter is much more comfortable than your house.***

Oh really?  Is that why you complained about that too???

***clean it up.***

I do!  Stop just rocking up at people's places at 8 o'clock in the morning unannounced and expecting Buckingham fucking palace!!!

 ***teach your toddlers some manners***

You're one to talk...your 3 year old was pushing my 15mth old nephew down over and over again at my wedding and you didn't do a fucking God damn thing to stop her!!! 

 ***and shut the fuck up about me!***

I can do what I like, when I like and how I like on my own blog.  I have never mentioned your name!!!  I will not be dictated by the likes of YOU!!!  Stop reading my blog and you wouldn't even know what I'm talking about or who I'm talking about.  And while you're at it, don't assume I'm talking about YOU!!! 

No one forces you to read my blog you do that all on your own!!!  You've run out of ways to send messages to me so you come here so you can sticky beak on MY LIFE...then you can harrass me!  Is it getting to you?  That I'm so happy and having a great life??  Stop torturing yourself then!!!   FUCK OFF!!!  I don't go look at your you can leave me the fuck ALONE!!!!!  Maybe if you paid more attention to your own life you wouldn't be homeless....yet again!

So is your 'goodbye' for real now?  Or are you having me on again?  Because you just keep coming back!!

BTW I'm about to disable messages on here too now!  Isn't it sad that I have to do that...just so that you can't contact me!!!  When all the ways in which you can harrass me are I need to fear you coming to my home too?? (and driving off - yes we saw you that day *rolls eyes*)  Because you do realise...that by then...we'd probably need police involvement.  And none of us want that.  So do me and yourself a favour and be true to your word, if this is really goodbye (again) then mean it!  And leave me to my blog please!

Hahahahaha!!!  ~Laci <3


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