Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Isn't it sad!

Isn't it sad that I hesitated in offering up my home to a friend in need today.  I so wanted to help.  While everyone around her was talking about staying in a women's shelter I was biting my tongue so I didn't offer my home. 

I have a large home.

I have a large rumpus room.

It is not the Taj Mahal...but it's a roof and it's somewhere to stay for a while for somebody who is desperate. 

I hesitated because I was hurt very badly by someone who I offered the very same room to.  She had a list of things that didn't appeal to her.  Even put me down for even offering it knowing that it's a rumpus room with toys and furnature in it and where kids play.  It caused me to become hesitant in offering anything to anyone in the future, even if I believed the person will be grateful, I can't be I hesitate! 

People are in need and I hesitate because of this ungrateful woman.  When I was younger I slept on someone's couch and was grateful!  Not this chick...nope, she wanted to be able to lock the door and lock her stuff up.  Yeh...sorry...I think maybe she was looking for a motel??


I did offer it in the end....but made stipulations that it wasn't Buckingham palace!  Hopefully she is the bigger person and is grateful!  Some women and their children are currently sleeping in their cars...perhaps this other woman would have preferred that?


Rae said...

Frankly I cant believe you are still talking about this. No, you should not offer a room to someone and have them have to open it up to children who have not learned how to respect anyones belongings. Your children are beautiful as are mine. When you finally learn that giving does not come with conditions then you may finally learn how self centred you are. If it gives you any condolence I again am unhomed and John is coming with me due to the fact another narcissist like yourself is saying we cant be together. Get the fuck over yourself. Goodbye. Another chapter in my life I dont want to look back on.

Rae said...

And for your information a Domestic Violence shelter is much more comfortable than your house. clean it up. teach your toddlers some manners and shut the fuck up about me!

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