Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Aaah Bliss!

Did I mention how much easier 2 kids are?  Compared to 6?  Like you might say...well duh!  But I don't think anyone really realises just how much easier it actually is, especially when you only have 1 or 2 kids yourself. 

As my husband works away for a week at a time.  I'm left here with 6 kids by myself.  Which is fine for the most part.  And you do get used to it but I tell you what...every second weekend when my oldest 4 go to their dad's and I'm left here with just 2?  UTTER BLISS!!!!!!

Seriously!  It's more peaceful.  The house is cleaner...I mean seriously what's a few toys when there's usually school bags, socks, books, bits of paper, school notes and kitchens totally destroyed by children who can now 'cook' (apparently).  Let's put it to you this way, when they are kitchen actually stays clean, because I'm the only one in it!!!!  I put things away and clean up as I go!  And no matter how many times I tell them, they don't always clean up after themselves and if they do...they do the bare minimum only and shmuch here (that's me) is left to do it all!

Nightimes are peaceful too...if not lonely at times.  Because the younger ones go to be at a reasonable hour but the older ones stay up later so I get my nights back IYKWIM?

Don't get me wrong!  Having older kids has its advantages, as when they're home they can do things for the little ones and I can sometimes duck out and pick up things at the shops or for a coffee without dragging a bunch of kids around.  So there are advantages.

But going to dad's tonight and I'm actually looking forward to the peace and a clean kitchen! 

Small things make us mums happy!


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