Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Wow...Talk About Bridezilla!

Just heard the most amazing story about a girl we know who's getting married.  Apparently she comes from a well-to-do family who is marrying into money and her Fiance earns a lot of money. 

Her fiance bought her a $15,000 engagement ring which she accidently flushed down the toilet because it is so big and bulky that it got caught in the toilet paper...but no matter he's bought her another one.

Her wedding is going to cost $50,000 and is being held at a 5 star resort!  No, she's not a celebrity just a chick from Wynnum!

Add to that, she's turned into a right royal bitch.  She's threatened one of her bridesmaids saying that she better not get pregnant (the poor girl and her husband have been trying for a quite a while), because she will be fat and ruin her photos.  She texts her bridesmaids constantly and when they don't text back in a resonable amount of time, she rings them and tells them "When I text you about the wedding I expect an answer straight away please the wedding is getting close".  Has threatened all her bridesmaids about getting fat and ruining her wedding.

There are a few other things I'm hearing that I can't remember right now but recently she wrote this as her fb status..."So got an email saying my wedding planning has gone on extended sick leave and not sure when she'll be back.... But in the mean time we'll replace her with an inexperienced person who hasn't taken the time to review your file and takes her time at replying to emails!!!!!! Stressed bride - CHECK! Hope my bridesmaids are ready for tears!"

To which Aaron commented with..."The wedding isnt till next year toughen up. she probably has cancer."
To which she replied with "Aaron!!!!!! Hahahaha bloody hell".  She has now deleted Aaron as her friend LOL  (She used to be my friend too but deleted me aaaaages ago.  Wonder how bad she'd feel if the chick really did have a terminal illness...although she'd probably think how inconvenient of her to get sick!

The worst yet is that my sister in law's fiance has just been involved in a serious motobike accident where he's smashed his leg and arm into pieces and have had to have screws and plates put in and will be 6 months out of work (but thankfully covered by workcover).  This girl....without actually asking about her best friend's fiance has sent her a text saying that if she can't afford to be her bridesmaid (yes my sister in law has to pay for her dress etc...despite the chick being made of money) that she'll understand but would like to know now please as the wedding's coming up really fast.  What the??  Give the girl a chance!!!  She's not thinking about YOUR wedding right now honey...she's busy...you know...up at the hospital with her fiance which you kept saying "Ewwww" about when A finally got to tell you what's happened and what she'll have to do for the next few months for the man she loves (take to toilet, dress, bath, wipe arse, empty piss bottle). 

How's that for a Bridezilla huh?  And get this....the wedding is not till....wait for it......June NEXT YEAR!!!! 

And just to think that someone had the audacity to call ME a Bridezilla!!!  Not on your life!!!  I was freaking awesome!!!!  (And I didn't even have bridesmaids to boss around or unlimited money to splurge with and my wedding was still described as a designer wedding by said person BAAAHAAHAAHAAAAA!)


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