Saturday, 8 September 2012

My 'Oswin' Theory...

My theory on Oswin, being a genius and all, she saved 'herself', think 'Silence in the Library', Clara is merely her first name, Oswin being her middle name or vice versa. She's saved on 'file' somewhere and the doctor will download her.....if he remembers ;P
 Remember = computer 'memory'
 Oswin worked with computers, was able to hack the most advanced computer system in the universe - Dalak...make them 'forget'...would be able to make the Dr 'remember' via the Tardis even...OMG hack the tardis! Oh what an idea! Oh oh oh in the matrix Mr Anderson's name is 'Neo' his hacker name...Oswin is her hacker name too...her real name is Clara.
 She could be in the Tardis 'matrix'...waiting to be 'remembered'.
She will make herself 'known' to the doctor by playing that music, and he will remember her and download her from the tardis matrix like a program.
My other theory is, Oswin was talking to her mother, perhaps 'Clara' is her mother? But that's too boring LOL I like my theory better...yes Oswin was a Dalek but she was also human and a genius which is why the Daleks wanted her
And if that kid in 'Silence in the Library' can 'save' people on file then I'm sure Oswin can do it. Hacking the Tardis is a bit far fetched but so's Moffat so....
You saw it here first! ;)


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