Saturday, 7 July 2012

Would you like to be a Mulligrub too?

Oh I remember!  That stupid kids show they used to play back when my brothers and sisters were small.  They'd watch it and I'd walk passed it and stare in amazement?  Horror? Bewilderment? Disgust?  And wonder what the hell it was!

"Helloooooo my name is Mulligrub.  Would you like to be a Mulligrub too? heeheehehee"

Enough to give you nightmares!

Kind of reminds me of Dirt Girl.  Actually when I saw Dirt Girl for the first time I stopped in my tracks and stared with the same bewilderment.  Wouldn't surprise me if it was made by the same people.

Aaron grew up with people calling him "Mulligrub" or being referred to as a "Mulligrub"  and he never knew what they were talking about as he grew up in NZ.  But I guess he will now!

So the question remains...Would you like to be a Mulligrub too?

Mulligrubs me
Mulligrubs you
Come and be a Mulligrub too
We've got lots of things to do
So come on all you Mulligrubs!
M M M M M Mully Mully Mully Mully
Mulli - grubs!

Yes I'm an embarrassement to society! *hangs head*


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