Thursday, 12 July 2012

I want to go to Italy!!!

Damn you Masterchef! 

Oh how lovely is the scenary over there hey.  I'm fascinated by the differences in culture and the history.  Last night they were cooking in a Tuscan village that was over 1000 years old!  It was awesome!

I want to go to Russia too...after reading Rose Hathaway's adventures.  I want to go to Poland too, after seeing the interview with my uncle Henry about living in a communist country.  I also want to go to Germany after learning about my great grandfather....oh who am I kidding - I WANT TO GO EVERYWHERE!!!!

Scotland and Ireland for mine and Aaron's heritage as well as the history....and England too, the whole UK actually.  How wonderful would it be to see the medieval castles!

I've also been fascinated by Austria and Switzeland too.  Man I just want to go everywhere!

And lets not forget good ole' New Zealand!

One day...*sigh*

One day when Aaron and I are both working and making enough cash to be able to save up for such things...but for now I can only dream!

Maybe..... when Dana is rich she'll be able to take me with her as she back packs across Europe!  That would be so great!

Looking forward to the future...looking forward to travelling and looking forward to being able to afford shit.


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