Sunday, 22 July 2012

"I was wrong, honey, it does change things...."

Is what Aaron said to me the other night.

Getting married, to me, was just a means to an end really.  I didn't think it was going to change anything and Aaron didn't either.  I just wanted my name changed.  I wanted to share my name with at least some of my children.  I wanted to tick 'married' on the census form and not 'single'.  I wanted to have a party and feel like a princess for the day....and I accomplished all of these.  It wasn't meant to make us feel closer...after all it is merely a piece of paper right?

Aaron and I were both saything to everyone that it wasn't going to change anything.  But it has!  But how?  Nothing's changed except the piece of paper!  We still have the same stresses, we still live together, sleep together....he's still practically living in Brisbane while I'm stuck here being a single mum of 6!  So why is it that we feel different?

We feel closer, more connected....the trust we have for each other has sky-rocketed!  I didn't think that I could possibly love him more...but I so do!!!  He is my everything!  I can't imagine life without him....I feel all 'in-love' and all that!  But nothing has changed except a piece of paper!!!

Not complaining, of course, I'm loving every minute of being 'legally' married...even though I've always viewed us as being married all God's eyes anyway....but making it 'legal' has changed things for the better and I'm excited about exploring this further and I feel very content with 'us' - it's amazing!!!


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