Monday, 27 February 2012

Week 9 - weigh in

 Monday - Weight work, Ab, core, arm, leg work, interval bike, 5k row, 877 cals
Tuesday - 72.9kg WTF???? 1331cals
Wednesday - Weight work, Ab, core, arm, leg work, 5k row. 626 cals
Thursday - Weight work, Ab, core, arm,leg work, interval xtrainer, 5k row, 968 cals
Friday - Weight work, Ab, core, arm, leg work, interval bike, 5k row, 623 cals
Saturday - Walked around shopping, played badminton, cals over
Sunday - Weight work, Ab, core, arm, leg work, interval xtrainer, 5k row, 608

Ninth weigh in

Current Weight - 83kg  --- 81kg --- 79.9kg ---78.6kg --- 75.8kg --- 77.9kg --- 76.7kg --- 75.8kg ---75.3kg --- 73.5kg

Waist - 96.5cm --- 95cm --- 92cm --- 91cm --- 89cm --- 89cm --- 87cm --- 86cm ---86cm --- 84cm

Hips - 110.5cm --- 108.5cm --- 104cm --- 103cm ---103cm --- 101cm ---100cm --- 99cm --- 98cm
Chest 97.5cm (above the point measuring my boobs I don't want them to lose weight LOL) --- 95cm --- 95cm --- 93.5 --- 92.5cm --- 92.5cm --- 91.5cm --- 91cm --- 91cm --- 89cm

Thigh - 63.5cm --- 62cm --- 60.5cm --- 59cm ---56cm --- 55cm --- 52cm --- 49.5cm --- 49.5cm --- 47cm

Upper arm - 33cm --- 32cm --- 30.5cm --- 30cm ---29cm --- 29cm --- 28.5cm --- 28cm --- 28cm --- 28cm

Belly Button - 96.5cm --- 97cm --- 97.5cm --- 92.5
Second Goal


How I'm going to get there

Counting calories at Calorie King at a caloric deficit.

Drop portion size.


Cardio workouts at the gym.

Weight work at gym

Ab work at gym

Next weigh in

Monday 12 March

What I hope to be



That's better!  It's amazing what bloating does.  Period's fucking with your head.  So yeh I've not officially lost 10kgs in 9 weeks.  12.5 cm off my waist.  12.5cm off my hips.  6cm off my chest.  16.5cm off my thighs.  5cm off my upper arms and 4cms around my belly button but I've only just started measuring that a few weeks ago.

12kgs to go to reach my goal weight...about 14 if I want to reach the ultimate goal, but I probably won't need to with the muscle toning.  I may not even need to hit 60kg either....just depends on how the muscles and all that go.

Yay I'm about half way there!


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