Saturday, 10 December 2011

Wedding update!

Well there's a reason I haven't updated in a while and that's because, after much thought, we have decided to change the date of our wedding to the 2nd June.  So this means that the stress of how we're going to get through christmas and kids going to school....then the wedding moneywise.  We have been a bit stressed out thinking about it and now I'm able to relax a tad and start up again in the new year.

However just before we changed the date I had only just ordered our bombonieres and our invitations from ebay....and......luckily was able to quickly email the sellers and get the dates changed as they were all going to be personalised! 

The bom's haven't turned up yet but our invitations turned up the other day and wow!  They are so beautiful....better than what they looked like in the pics.  They came from the UK and the lady that did them did such a great job and got them finished really fast.  They turned up the other day and I almost cried because I was so happy with them.

Also, last monday I ordered my flowers too!  And the funny thing is, is that they are fake flowers from a guy here in Toowoomba who's flowers all look so real, and I had picked up a wedding mag from some venue I was looking at months ago.  It was a wedding mag with tips in it and various businesses in Toowoomba, from florists to hairdressers.  Well there was this article talking about flowers and what a bride should look for and when they should order them, giving tips on what we should do blah blah blah.  And the picture was this beautiful bouquet of white and pick roses, and I marked the page so I could take it to this guy with the fake flowers and show him that this is exactly what I wanted....

Well I show it to him and he looked at me and said that it was his bouquet anyway, and that yes he can most definetly do it exactly like that since he's the one who made it in the first place!  How funny is that!  So at least I know I'll get exactly what I want.  Anyway I ordered my bouquet and 3 more little ones for the girls and paid my deposit.  So something else I can cross off my list now - yay!


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