Saturday, 10 December 2011

Recording History

I wrote my birthstories years ago but have since lost them.  I'm a bit upset by it as they were written closer to when they actually happened, and over time one tends to forget certain aspects.  So I've decided to record my birthstories again.  Not only that but I'll be recording things like my breastfeeding history and things like that also.

Another reason I'm doing this, is because I have a friend who wishes to write a book about REAL life pregnancies and childbirths and things like that, and needs anacdotes of real stories from people.  I'm hoping to contribute to that somewhat.  Years ago I thought about doing it myself but never got around to doing it, so I'm glad she is though, because this kind of thing is really needed.  A book that mums and mums to be can read that actually have real live accounts instead of textbook information that seem so out of touch and sterile.  Plus it will give readers info on things that THEY don't tell you ;)

So over the next....I don't know....however long, I'll be writing my birthstories and things and might even set up separate links at the top so that they can be easily accessed.


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