Saturday, 31 December 2011

Getting my sexy back!

2012 the year I get back to 2007, yes it was 5 years ago that I fluctuated from 57 - 60kg.  I was proud of the fact that after 4 kids I was still quite slim and sexyish and I so want to go back there. 

Funny thing, it never took any effort really to maintain that weight.  I wasn't overly active, I didn't exercise and I didn't really watch what I ate either.  Ok my diet wasn't bad but that was because that's what I liked, it was a diet with good sized portions of good food and some not so good food in between.  If I gained a few kilos I'd take it as an indication that I need to lay off the fatty foods for a I'd do that and voila!  Kilos gone!

Now....5 years and 2 more kids later I'm not the same.  I've slowly been gaining, and 3 years is probably a more accurate timeline, of how quickly things went downhill.  I still don't regularly exercise, I eat the same good sized portions of good food and some not so good food......and yet....I'm this!  80kg!  That's a 20kg gain!  I've never been this fat in all my life!

Well the time has come, obviously, where I'm going to have to start watching my weight and...wait for it.....exercise!  Never had to before, but obviously something's changed within my body that has now required me to do so. of today I'm making a start in changing my lifestyle to incorporate my new body so that I can get back to my old body...the one that had people look at me with such envy!  Today is the day that things are going to change.  My exercise habits, eating habits and portion sizes are all going to change this year and my goal, for this time next year is to be 20kg lighter!  I can do this!

First goal is to lose 5kg.  Once I've done that, then I know I'm well on my way!


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