Sunday, 7 October 2012

I Wanna Go to New Zealand!

Remember this post?  I Wanna Go to Italy! turns out, we're just going to make it happen! 

When we were talking of actually getting married, it was always "When we've finished paying this off" or "When we're both working"...etc But then one day we decided to make it happen!  I haven't really done anything because he just can't save.  We can't!  Well we haven't...till now!

A decision has been made and we're going to do it.  If we have to put $50 a week away till we accumulate enough money...then so be it!  But this is going to happen.

We've made a plan....first stop NEW ZEALAND!  Naturally!  We are going to aim for this time next year.  If we don't make it....then we don't make it, we're not going to kill ourselves to make it....we'll just have to make it later than we want, but we have an approximate date at the very least!  So far I've put away about $250...ha ha ha!  BUT it will grow and before you know it we'll have enough and we're out of here.

Our first real holiday!!!!

We'll be taking the two youngest children to NZ because it is their heritage and we would like for them to meet their great grandmother before she dies, however future travels will just be us.  Because we think that the others will have plenty of opportunity to travel themselves when they get older.  Plus we would never get there if we had to pay for everyone!  Although I think Dana and I have plans in the future...backpacking.  But that's a little ways off yet :)

So New Zealand it is!

 A lovely relaxing driving holiday, checking out the places Aaron grew up like Auckland and Tauranga, and checking out Matamata...Hobbit country and all the volcanic Guisers and things.

It's going to be so great!  And we're going to make it happen.  Watch this space!


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