Sunday, 6 May 2012

I'm done!!!

After 18 weeks and 18 kilos I'm done!  I did have a goal weight of 60kgs but seriously with my muscle gain I'm probably the same size I would have been anyway at 60kgs.  I can't do it anymore, I'm 65kgs and losing that last 5kgs has been very hard.  Not to mention I've done my back in so I can't really do much this week so that would have put me back for my goal of being 60kgs by the wedding!

I do plan on slowly losing these last 5 kilos over time...mainly so, number one I know I can get there again...and number two for a buffer.  To be hovering between 60 - 65kgs for the rest of my life will be the ultimate goal for me.  So I may try and lose a few extra kilos over the next few weeks but there won't be a time line anymore really.  I would just like a buffer zone so I can go out and stuff myself at sizzler once in a while and not freak out!

But I'm here now...It's been a long tiring haul and it hasn't been easy.  Not one bit, but it's been worth it as I look really good and TONED now which makes me heavier than what I was 6 years ago at the same size.  No before and after pics at this I don't have a means to take a pic.  But after the wedding I'll put a before shot and a shot of me at the wedding so everyone can see.

It'd be nice not to be obsessed with my weight anymore!  Maybe if I haven't quite gotten then in a few months I'll get stuck into it again to lose those last few, just for piece of mind, but for now I'm leaving it be.!  It'd be nice to talk about something else on here too.  I reckon you all would be sick of seeing me post about my progress all the time LOL


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