Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas 2012

The kids were with us this year which made for a fun time.  We did the whole santa thing for the littlies which was exciting for them.  Even left milk and cookies and a carrot out and took bites out of it so it looks like Santa has been. 

Spent the day at my sister's house after I'd spent the few days prior cooking my butt off and baking all sorts of treats for the day.  It was lovely as my uncle and auntie came up from Withcott to spend christmas with us which was nice and we've vowed to spend more time with them.  E (my sister) and I have been talking about my uncle and how much value he has to the history of our family.  He is the only one left that can remember things and has all sorts of information that we were previously ignorant of.  We really need to get as much info as we can and document it as once he's gone...that's it.  Not just that but they are just such lovely people and I regret not spending more time with them.

Anyway...mum came later in the night and we spent more time with her while eating leftovers and yummy stuff.  We then played board games till 2 am...then stumbled home tired and bloated! LOL

I woke up the next morning in a fair bit of pain around my bra area....back and front.  I'm guessing it's gall bladder related as my body isn't used to so much fatty carbs and junk!  I've been eating so well for the past year that spending the day eating and drinking copious amount of fats and sugars must've shocked my body a bit.  Goes to show just how much on the right track I've been all this time.  Not just that but the way I've been feeling the last few days...tired, lethargic, bloated and gross...means that I probably felt like that all the time before my health kick!  Imagine that!  I always thought I felt this way because I was a busy mum but now I was all the crap I was eating and dehydration (got quite dehydrated the last few days because I was drinking soft drink and no water at all).  So there you go.  Taking the next few days getting my diet back on track (healthy diet)...drinking more water.  Surprise!  I'm starting to feel more human already.

So the next day (boxing day) we spent at home then went ten pin bowling with my sister and her husband and the fam.  Was quite surprised at how good I am at bowling LOL  I was kicking butt!  Until everyone got the shits and put the guard rails on then I was totally distracted by the guard rails and sucked!  LOL  I won the first game but still came second for the second game...despite the rails LOL

Anyway...the kids have gone to their dad's for a week and I'm here with the two little guys and spending the time getting the house back in order....and our diets :)

Overall it's been a great christmas! 


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