Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Reception..

I'm so excited that I thought I'd add a few pics of what my reception is going to look like...or close to it anyway...

This is the kind of lighting I'll have, but I'll have it changing throughout the night.  Brighter for dinner and speeches and darker for the dancing part.  I can actually have it where it will automatically vary throughout the night to different colours.
I'll be having the swag on the ceiling there, the chair covers will be the fitted licra ones rather than the ones they have there.  The pink will be paler too.
This is the centrepiece I'm having only it will have lights in the branches and I THINK I may have a light in the base as well...I don't know yet.  I'll have a mirrored thing that it will sit on too. 
This is what my bridal table will hopefully look like.


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