Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Feeling better today.

Spoke to Aaron about how I'm feeling and I feel a lot better about everything now.  It seems that he wasn't flirting that's not what he does.  He was trying to change the subject and asking why she's so beautiful and amazing was the first thing he thought of.  He also only joined that xxx book thing because the guys at work were going on about how it's on the news and things and he joined up to see what the fuss was about, then he never went back.  When you look at the friend requests in his email none of them had been opened which meant he didn't even look at any of them.

He understands that it was all innaproprate and that he's real sorry and recognises that if it had been me that had done that then he would have had the same questions I did.  He understands completely. 

I feel a lot better about everything now and feel that I'm his girl again - thank God!

Our wedding is being pushed up too...he wants to hurry up and marry me to show how serious he really is about us.  So yes it's going to be a simple little ceremony at the Toowoomba Magestrates with just us and our children, which will be really very nice I think.  I'm thinking about maybe having a BBQ afterwards with the rest of my family and friends and just hang out.

Oooooh I love him...as silly as he is sometimes and how he doesn't always think things through.  But that's just him.


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